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Regular Air Conditioning Service
Your air conditioning system is a series of machinery, pipes and filters which needs regular servicing much like your vehicles engine. We recommend an annual service to ensure the efficiency and cleanliness of your vehicles air conditioning.
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At Blue Ice Auto Air Conditioning, we service 4WD, Buses, Cars, Cranes, Earthmovers, Forklifts, Heavy Transport, Imported, Mechanical Handling Equipment, Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Utes, Vans, Hot Rods + Custom
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Air Conditioning
Car air conditioners not only keep you cool during Summer, but can also remove humidity from the cabin, which can be handy in the winter to counteract a foggy windscreen.
Running your AC during winter also helps to maintain the system in good working order. Air conditioning systems contain a myriad of hoses and seals than can dry out or crack, which could lead to coolant leaks and poor performance.
A regular car service will check for obvious faults which may be associated with the air conditioning system, such as drive belt tension, visible signs of refrigerant leaks and loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets, but it is good practice to have a comprehensive air con service, give us a call today at Blue Ice Auto Air Conditioning 0418 763 002
We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts, manufacture Hose Assemblies at a fraction of the genuine replacement price, repair compressors and use sophisticated leak detection methods, Including UV Dye and Nitrogen to ensure your Air Conditioning will perform at its best.
Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs
At Blue Ice Auto Air Conditioning you can expect a thorough check which includes checking belts, hoses for damage and leaks, and replacement of the receiver drier, which filters the refrigerant system. Failure to have the filter replaced every 2-3 years may result in the filter not being able to work as efficiently and the system may start to deteriorate.
Modern cars are designed  for very high performance and efficiency. This often means that these systems are more sensitive to contaminants and corrosion, making it even more important to service on a regular basis.
Over a period of years the evaporator (heat exchanger inside the vehicle) collects dust, hair, animal fur and seeds, which inhibits the air flow by blocking the fins and this can also create bad odors. This can be remedied  in most vehicles by removing and cleaning the heat exchanger. It is more economical to do this when the air conditioning is serviced (new filter drier fitted) which should be done every 2-3 years. Many late model vehicles are fitted with a pollen filter which protects that heat exchanger and should be changed every 1-2 year or according to manufacturers recommendations.
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